1) Do you really need an accounting software?

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Accounting Software Review Guide

In this short article we will try and let you in on a few secrets: how to choose small business accounting software like a pro? Or at least learn from other's experience.

When it comes to choosing your small business accounting software for the first time you will probably have a few things on your mind, you may want to go with a more cost effective solution, you may be concerned with how difficult it will be for you to learn how to use the tool or you may doubt the software¢â‚¬â„¢s ability to fit your business.

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Nominal Accounting Software seeks user feedback from small business owners

Press Release

Nominal Accounting Software seeks user feedback from small business owners

There's a new player in the DIY Accounting software market ¢â‚¬" Nominal Accounting. Nominal's CEO, Uriel Maimon, says his firm wants to provide small business owners, particularly those who previously used only spreadsheets or the now defunct ATO's eRecords, with an accounting software package that is simple to use, affordable and that doesn't require a huge learning curve.

"Most small b

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Save Time!

According to the ATO's 'Business Perception Survey', Australian Micro Businesses, with an annual turnover of between 75K and 2 million dollars, spend an average 21 hours a week on business tasks including tax and record keeping. That's a lot of hours!

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Yes We Can!

Nominal Accounting is the first accounting software to support the goverment's Standard Business Reporting (SBR) program which provides an electronic interface to enable businesses to report to government agencies directly from their accounting software.

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Standard Business Reporting



Standard Business Reporting (SBR) will reduce the business-to-government reporting burden by:

  • removing unnecessary and duplicated information from government forms;

  • utilising business software to automatically pre-fill government forms;

  • adopting a common reporting language, based on international standards and best practice;

  • making financial reporting to government a by-product of n

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