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Subject->Revision->New Subject



A few weeks ago I heard a podcast of some movie writer that explained the core of every good story. His idea was that EVERY good story from the beginning of time and up to current blockbusters must follow the same formula: subject, revision, new subject.


The story always begins with the subject:


Nominal is an accounting software package that was developed by an Australian developer (me) to support the needs of Australian micro businesses. It compares favourably with e

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WestPac online bank feeds


Importing your WestPac online banking feeds is now made easy with Nominal Accounting.

Nominal Accounting is a business accounting software that is used by thousands of Australian micro businesses and offer features that will save you time and earn you money. One of the latest feature we added is the ability to connect to your Westpac online banking account using your Nominal accounting software and reconcile your banking records with your Nominal records.

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Online banking feeds are here. (ANZ, NAB & Bankwest)

Online banking feeds are here to help!


One of ths most important tasks in keeping your books correctly and up t

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Nominal goes online (almost) and a friendly spider

It's been a while since our last newsletter and the only excuse is that we were busy adding many new features to Nominal (according to online marketing 101 - this must be the first paragraph in any newsletter ) Some of the great new features include:

How to manage account(ing) for EBay?

Good morning,

I would love to hear from any

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Accounting software and Magento Shopping cart integration


Lately we've started to spend some effo

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Marketing and Business Path/Education

Almost a year ago I had exactly zero knowledge on anything business or marketing related, through out my career I've stayed deep in the research and development departments.

I am a toddler when it comes to marketing but I am keen to learn and make a change. I was hoping to receive guidance on where to go for from here, especially where it comes to books and on-line resources.

The road I've taken thus far:
1) eMyth revisited - to get the basics right and figure out the context (purpose, goal, system, technician vs entrepreneur)
2) Duct Tape Marketing - a

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Should accountants make you use their preferred software?

Lately I've received some comments from customers that have been told by their accountants that they are only willing to work with a specific software package. Let's be wild and come up with a fictional name for it: QWERTY

So my customer is saying, I love your software it's easy to use and makes perfect sense to me and it also has all these kick ass features.... BUT my accountant says he won't do my BAS for me if I don't use this QWERTY software.

What's the deal with that? do you think this is reasonable? 

I have a problem with this on two levels,

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Contribute to Simple Business Accounting Blog?

During the past few months I've started a blog/newsletter where I try to go over some of the basic bookkeeping concepts and their impact on your accounts.

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We make small businesses awesome

(at keeping their books)

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