Date of release 26/8/2012 (Sydney)


Nominal has released a new iPhone application offering small businesses in Australia the ultimate in mobile accounting software.


The free app allows users to easily manage their business finances Ëœon the road' with the security of knowing that updates are synchronised with their Nominal desktop accounting software.


Nominal founder Uri Maimon said, "Our customers are increasingly demanding software that allows for smartphone invoicing and we've responded with our phenomenal iPhone App.

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Nominal for Android - in BETA testing


When I sent out a newsletter to our entire mailing list about our new iPhone application, I was really keen to hear some feedback on the functionlity, design and any features that we should be adding to it. To my surprise the majority of the responses were: when are you going to release a version for Android?


So as always we listen to what you had to say and here is the first glimpse of Nominal for Android.



This still a very early

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Tax, super and you

The ATO keep surprising me, I am not sure why (probably too many American movies) but I always thought the tax office should be this hard scary organization and since arriving in this country ten years ago they keep surprising me for the best.

tax super and you

Don't get me wrong I have had my share of trouble with the ATO and I keep getting fined for late submission of BAS forms.

Today I want to share a really cool website I discovered lately: Tax, super and you

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New iPhone App and Shoeboxed integration

Nominal iPhone App

 Our accounting software is a desktop based windows application - which is fine for most businesses, but it does not mean you have to be tied to your desk any more.

We recevied quite a few requests to allow mobile invoicing and expenses - and we delivered - Nominal iPhone App is now available on the Apple Store - for Free!

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Accounting Software iPhone Application - Xero vs Saasu vs Nominal

It's been a while since my last post and we have been very busy making changes and adding cool new features. Today I thought I can try to do two things with one post, first is share some research on some of the available iPhone application for accounting software in Australia and the 2nd is to use this to introduce our own upcoming iPhone app.

I've received quite a few questions from customers and potential customer about how they can use Nominal on the road and especially create invoices for customers when they're not at their desk. I used to say that this scenario is real

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Nominal and Shoeboxed - a powerful combination!


Nominal is very proud to announce an exciting new integration with - a service that allows you to manage your bills, receipts and business cards. - Scan Receipts and Business Cards

Shoeboxed provides multiple ways to send in your documents by reply-paid mail, by taking a photo using your iPhone, by email attachment or by uploading to their website. Once the

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It's win-win with Nominal referral



Subject->Revision->New Subject



A few weeks ago I heard a podcast of some movie writer that explained the core of every good story. His idea was that EVERY good story from the beginning of time and up to current blockbusters must follow the same formula: subject, revision, new subject.


The story always begins with the subject:


Nominal is an accounting software package that was developed by an Australian developer (me) to support the needs of Australian micro businesses. It compares favourably with e

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WestPac online bank feeds


Importing your WestPac online banking feeds is now made easy with Nominal Accounting.

Nominal Accounting is a business accounting software that is used by thousands of Australian micro businesses and offer features that will save you time and earn you money. One of the latest feature we added is the ability to connect to your Westpac online banking account using your Nominal accounting software and reconcile your banking records with your Nominal records.

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Online banking feeds are here. (ANZ, NAB & Bankwest)

Online banking feeds are here to help!


One of ths most important tasks in keeping your books correctly and up t

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Nominal goes online (almost) and a friendly spider

It's been a while since our last newsletter and the only excuse is that we were busy adding many new features to Nominal (according to online marketing 101 - this must be the first paragraph in any newsletter ) Some of the great new features include: