We promote Bookkeepers and Accountants

We promote Bookkeepers and Accountants

An open letter to Australian accountants and bookkeepers.

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The 3rd Accounting Software in Australia


The day has finally arrived - Nominal Accounting is the 3rd Accounting Software in Australia !

Just open your browser, go to Google, search for Accounting Software and see the results:

3rd Accounting Software in Australia


Not a bad position for our humble company, right?

  • Nominal is new, it's been developed In Australia for Australian Micro bussinesses in 2010
  • Nominal is simple

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Accounting software for YOU

Good Night!

The more I learn about marketing the less I understand it. Sometimes it just doesn't make any sense.

At first I thought there is something I need to know about marketing which will make it work, like there is one way or one thing I need to figure out which will make everything snap into place. But as time goes by I realise it is hardly the case, it is going to be a long and slow way to get to where we want to get,  There is no silver bullet and it will have to be a series of small steps.

Some customers are going to come from Google and some from SBR, som

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How to submit your BAS under a minute

Good Day,

I am too embarseed to admit, but I have been fined by the ATO for late submission of the BAS ! twice !

At least the friends at the ATO are kind enought to send me an SMS the day before the BAS is due, so I know when I am going to be hit with the fine and prepare myself, LOL :-)

This is why I am always looking for ways to make the BAS submission an ever more easier process, so I will not have any excuse to delay it again and again. If you'll watch the little video below you will see that we've gotten this to a pretty amazing speed...

Under one minute

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Lightening the BAS load

Hi, my name is Uri and I'm a recovering paperwork phobic!

Time was that whenever I got a bill, a form, or something I needed to attend to, I'd take it, read it and then file it in a pile on the kitchen counter. Then I'd forget all about it! The sad consequence of this was a parade of late fees, administration fees, cancellation fees and other goodies. Sound familiar?

When I started my small business I had to change. As a business owner I had more responsibilities and obligations such as the dreaded Business Activity Statement (BAS). Not all small/micro busi

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Listen to her!


If you never tried fiverr before you should do so soon.... it's so cool to see what some people will do for five dollars.

Come to think about it, with the way the Australian dollar is going lately it's not even five dollars!

{qtube vid:=Ur7ZP7i61P0 w:=620 h:=480 b:=1 c1:=402061 c2:=9461ca ap:=0 rel:=0}

So just listen to this lovely lady, she has an important message to convey.


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Startup Feature Profile: Nominal

By Gareth Rose on Monday, March 28th, 2011

Nominal is an Australian startup on iPitch.  They have built a good product and are currently growing their customer base.  We were interested to feature Nominal because they provide a great example to the iPitch community about a fellow startup facing typical startup challenges and working hard to succeed.  Here's the interview with Uri Maimon of Nominal:

iPitch: What problem is your business or idea trying to solv

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18) TFN and PAYG – forms you need to launch

  1. You must notify the ATO about each employee ¢â‚¬" including yourself
  2. A summary must be send about the last financial year for PAYG summary

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17) BAS features in a nutshell

  1. You MUST submit BAS every month or quarter
  2. BAS has many forms the ATO will tell you which one you have to submit
  3. Some are relating to your GST and some to PAYG withheld
  4. The SBR does the list, pre-fill, pre-lodge and lodge steps

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15) The general ledger is the basis for all reporting

  1. Double entry bookkeeping debit=credit
  2. Each record is related to an account
  3. All reports are using the general ledger records

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