Alternative ways to manage your business

Whether you're just starting your micro business now or you're looking for ways to better manage your existing business, one of the most important things you have to do is figure out a way to manage your business financials and track your business health.

The task definition itself is not a clear and may mean different things to different businesses, whether you¢â‚¬â„¢re a contractor that bills to one customer on a weekly basis and wants to make sure that your tax and super obligations are in order or you¢â‚¬â„¢re in retail and need to keep track of the profitabili

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Nominal Accounting Releases Simple & Complete Small Business Accounting Software

Nominal Accounting, which specialises in offering small businesses simple and easy to use accounting solutions, today announced the release of the only micro business management software program suitable for small business operators -

Nominal Accounting, which specialises in offering small businesses simple and easy to use accounting solutions, today announced the release of the only micro business management software program suitable for small business operators.
¢â‚¬Å“With this new simple and complete small business accounting softwa

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How even Google can be wrong


I think I've become addicted to usability testing lately, or any kind of feedback about our business, product or website. As much as it hurts to hear a negative comment - it just feels so good to hear the positive feedback  :-)

You probably heard it more than once before that you only have one chance with your website visitor, that you have about 8 seconds to make a first impression, that you have to make everything SUPER SIMPLE in order to get people to give you a shot and that even the most trivial problem with the site or product will cause your prospects to start run

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Micro Business Management Software

When people ask me what's the difference between Nominal and QWERTY or Nominal and QuickBooks, I sometime find myself going through a long (and boring) list of features and options. There are many things we do that they don't, there are many things we do better and there are many things we simply dont do.

Why? two reasons. Because we focus on Micro businesses AND we offer more than a bookkeeping software.

So we can offer features like integration to Salesforce and Highrise because we want to help with managing your business, but we won't offer advanced inventory solution or

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We want to make a difference and we need your help to do it, in order to start using social media for a good purpose we're putting the two giants to the test.

stumble-sydney VS twitter-sydney

Is it true the twitter is just for talking and not for listening? or doing something good? Is it true the stumbling is wasting time? I didn't think so.


We at N

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Help us select our new logo!

Good day!

In the past few days I have been contemplating with replacing our Nominal logo with a new and improved logo. This will probably be the third and hopefully last attempt we have at deciding on a logo to our company. The first attempt was low quality, the 2nd was a high quality but not meaningfull enough. Hopefully this one will be the winner and will portray the Nominal brand for generations to come.

We have received almost a hundred ideas for new logo's and I've narrowed it down to 16 logos, all available below.

What do we want the brand to portray as our br

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We promote Bookkeepers and Accountants

We promote Bookkeepers and Accountants

An open letter to Australian accountants and bookkeepers.

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The 3rd Accounting Software in Australia


The day has finally arrived - Nominal Accounting is the 3rd Accounting Software in Australia !

Just open your browser, go to Google, search for Accounting Software and see the results:

3rd Accounting Software in Australia


Not a bad position for our humble company, right?

  • Nominal is new, it's been developed In Australia for Australian Micro bussinesses in 2010
  • Nominal is simple

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Accounting software for YOU

Good Night!

The more I learn about marketing the less I understand it. Sometimes it just doesn't make any sense.

At first I thought there is something I need to know about marketing which will make it work, like there is one way or one thing I need to figure out which will make everything snap into place. But as time goes by I realise it is hardly the case, it is going to be a long and slow way to get to where we want to get,  There is no silver bullet and it will have to be a series of small steps.

Some customers are going to come from Google and some from SBR, som

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How to submit your BAS under a minute

Good Day,

I am too embarseed to admit, but I have been fined by the ATO for late submission of the BAS ! twice !

At least the friends at the ATO are kind enought to send me an SMS the day before the BAS is due, so I know when I am going to be hit with the fine and prepare myself, LOL :-)

This is why I am always looking for ways to make the BAS submission an ever more easier process, so I will not have any excuse to delay it again and again. If you'll watch the little video below you will see that we've gotten this to a pretty amazing speed...

Under one minute

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