Good day,

My name is Uri, I am the founder of Nominal Accounting Software.

When I started my own IT consulting business I was shocked to learn the limited number of accounting solutions available to Australian businesses,  they all seem to be complicated, expensive and use ancient technology. I’ve actually went through the process of trying a few of them before I started to realise that something is wrong, it shouldn’t be that hard.

I have been a programmer since the age of ten... and I have always loved creating good software and have done so for many companies here in Australia and overseas.

So when the idea of creating my own small business accounting software came to me, I was very excited to make it come through. Nominal accounting was made to be simple, every feature or button, which we’ve added to Nominal or more importantly left out, was decided based on this simple principle – will it be simple enough for our Australian Micro business customer? Who, like myself, is not a bookkeeper or accountant, and just want to focus on his business.

I realise asking you to trust me will be too much, but I do suggest you try it for yourself, what have you got to lose? Just click the download button and give it a go.

Nominal allows you to create invoices, purchases, expenses, reports, even submit your own BAS and integrate to your PayPal account. It really is very simple.

And don’t hesitate to shoot me an email if you have any question. I’m here.

Thanks for your time,


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