Nominal and Shoeboxed - a powerful combination!


Nominal is very proud to announce an exciting new integration with - a service that allows you to manage your bills, receipts and business cards. - Scan Receipts and Business Cards

Shoeboxed provides multiple ways to send in your documents by reply-paid mail, by taking a photo using your iPhone, by email attachment or by uploading to their website. Once the documents are there they are scanned and human verified and stored on your account where you can search, view and report on them.


Nominal is now able to integrate to shoeboxed and retreive your documents straight into your Accounting software. This makes it a breeze to keep track of your taxes, BAS submission and reporting.


With Nominal you're now able to do some very powerfull things:


  • Import your scanned receipts and turn them into Nominal spend money transactions - with no need to manually enter any details
  • Import your bills and turn them into Nominal purchase records - assigned to the correct supplier with ease.
  • Import your scanned business cards and turn them into Nominal customer, supplier or employee cards.



Here's a possible scenario:

Say you go on a business trip for a few days and use a taxi a few times, you pay in cash and keep the receipt.

Your already have Shoeboxed DIY account and the iPhone app, so while you're on the way to the meeting you snap a photo of the receipt and you can throw it away.

The guys at Shoeboxed scan the receipt and verify its content. It will usually be assigned a category - such as Travel.

Next time you turn on your Nominal accounting, it will automaticlly log on to your shoeboxed account (if you set it up with the right credentials and task) and download the taxi receipts.

These records will already have the vendor name, the amount, the tax amount and category - which makes it very easy for Nominal to turn them into Spend money transactions.

Nominal will notify you that it has downloaded the receipts and allow you to review them before accepting them as spend money transactions.

Shoeboxed will store your record and receipt scan on your server - which again makes it easy for Nominal to use - when you next open up the spend money record you will have the ability to click on the Scan/View button and view the original scan of the document from the Shoeboxed server - pretty amazing!

We beleive the integration between Nominal and Shoeboxed is a great solution and as great solutions go, there will always be a variety of ways to benefit from them so treat this simple use case as only an example - you can probably use Nominal with Shoeboxed in ways that makes sense to your business.


Here are a few more reasons to use Shoeboxed:

  • Accurate, verified data

Your documents under go high accuracy scanning, OCR, and human data verification before being posted to your account.

  • Save hours during tax season

All your information is ready for you online along with ATO accepted receipt images, ready for synchronising with Nominal Accounting.

  • Painless contact management

Your business cards are transformed into digital contact lists exportable to Nominal accounting.

  • Safe and secure online data

Your data is secured by SSL encryption (used by online banks) and is available to you anywhere you go.


To create your FREE DIY account simply click the "Free Account" on the Shoeboxed screen within Nominal or create the account on the Shoeboxed website.

Say goodbye to paper clutter!

* Please note that Nominal is affiliated with Shoeboxed


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