Accounting software Alternative
The creation of an accounting software alternative - Nominal Accounting

When I started my own business one of the first things I did was to look for accounting software. My needs were simple: generate invoices, keep track of GST and manage payroll for one employee - myself.

I thought it will be a simple task and I've heard of IT before, so I was not looking for alternatives.

A quick look and trial as well as a review of the pricing made me realise an alternative is badly required. This is where Nominal Accounting was born - to become THE accounting software Alternative for Australian small businesses.

Over the years we've talked with many of accounting software customer's looking for accounting software alternatives and we heard them loud and clear.

You don't seem to like accounting software support.

Some are looking for alternative because of how accounting software treats its customers. Some think that technical support via e-mail responses were far-off the mark and even ridiculous.

If you tried contacting accounting software about the problem, but they were completely useless - you might also be looking for a accounting software alternative.

Some certainly don't like the yearly fees.

They complain on relentless increase in annual service fees. Some even go and try to delay their subscription by as many months as they can get away with.

A accounting software alternative should have acceptable annual fees for small businesses, but not hefty fee for new tax-tables.

So if you don't see the point with the annual fees - you might also be looking for a accounting software alternative.

accounting software relationship with accountants is sometimes a cause for concern.

Most think that even if you use different software you can still print out Profit/Loss and Balance sheets for your accountant to use.

Some feel that they are stuck with accounting software because of their accountant and are looking for a accounting software alternative.

So if you are a hostage to whatever software your accountant uses - it might be time to look at alternative to accounting software (and maybe even your accountant)

As a accounting software alternative we make activation a simple process.

We don't want to mandate endless on-line verifications of both the application and the company files.

We also avoid intrusive file activation which makes it impossible to work on someone else's accounts for them.

accounting software has been around for more than 2 decades.

So if you don't consider yourself another accounting software Dinosaur, as some actually do, perhaps it is time for you to think about the accounting software alternative.

With Nominal Accounting you will never be stuck on the 4 year old version of the application - we release updates almost every week and the upgrade costs are tiny.

Some are looking for accounting software alternative for simplicity.

You want the basics of double entry book keeping - in one simple package.

Some think that it is hard to see the end to end and are looking for the accounting software alternative. This should prove relatively uncomplicated application to keep company accounts and be customised for use in Australia.

Nominal Accounting is THE accounting software alternative

It provides the features, the technology, the experience and the peace of mind that your micro business so desperately needs at a reasonable price.