Why did you choose our product?

“Tax office integration feature”
“Ease of use. Featues for the price”
“Most affordable with payroll option”
“Can buy only the modules i need”
“Most affordable with payroll option”
“Seams versitile and simple to use”
“Simple, easy, far far cheaper for a very small sporting club”
“Recommended by my brother”
“Easy to use and comprehensive”
“Combination of Features”
“Looking for a simple accounting software to manage ebay business”
“Amazing online features”
“Simple to use. Fair Price”

What do we do that others don't?

“Paypal, zencart integration”
“Ease of use. Featues for the price”
“Intergate with tax office”
“Reasonable pricing and updates”
“Instructions very easy to follow and program easy to use”
“Less expensive for inventory, paypal, ect”
“integration with other CRM, Paypal”