Why should you use Nominal?

Simple & Complete Small Business Accounting Software

A complete accounting solution
Nominal Accounting offers a simple, easy to use, complete accounting software package for small businesses. Manage your Payroll and Inventory quickly and without hassle. Use our software to make your bookkeeping tasks much easier. Our solution has the key functions that you need, without the unwanted features, options and processes that you don’t need, and won’t use.


Easy to learn and use
The Nominal accounting software package is simple, easy-to-master, and has a user-friendly interface. Save hours otherwise spent on extensive training. Our software contains basic payroll functionality, perfect for all of your small business needs. See how easy it is to use for yourself - download our free trial today!


Streamline your processes
With the Nominal accounting software package, you can process;

  • Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger, Billing, Inventory & much more!
  • Online BAS submission, using the government's SBR initiative
  • Online TFN Declaration submission


Easily integrate Nominal with EBay & PayPal

Using Nominal, you can quickly integrate your PayPal and EBay transactions into your accounts. You can create invoices, purchases, expenses, refunds and even accounting for the PayPal fees and currency conversions. Nominal has the most advanced PayPal integration available to Australian Businesses’ today.


Save money with Nominal

Nominal offers a complete accounting package at a very competitive price. We understand that you will need to consider the upfront, ongoing upgrade and license costs for accounting software packages. We offer a complete solution, at an amazing price, allowing you to keep track of your capital and operational expenses.


Submit BAS, TFN and PAYG

Nominal Software is the first and only small business accounting software that allows you to submit your Business Activity Statement and Tax File Number declaration forms from within the Accounting Software via Standard Business Reporting (SBR). Read more information about Standard Business Reporting on our SBR page.


Nominal is Tax Compliant

Our Small Business Accounting Software has been developed according to Australian Taxation Office publication NAT1004, the publication that defines the formulas and testing required to ensure that TAX calculations are correct.
Why wait? Download a free trial of our software today, and subscribe to our free and simple bookkeeping tutorials!

Simple & Complete Small Business Accounting Software

Nominal Accounting is the first accounting software to support the Government’s Standard Business Reporting (SBR) program. We provide you with an electronic interface, enabling your business to report to government agencies directly from your accounting software. You don’t have to worry about producing your Business Activity Statement (BAS) – Nominal Accounting is here to help you!