How to join the program:
Joining the Nominal Affiliate Program is easy and will take you less than 5 minutes.

1. Open a PayPal account at If you are unable to open an account, you may receive your commission through electronic bank transfer.

2. Create a Nominal accounting affiliate account at

How to obtain your affiliate link:
Once you set up your affiliate account, you will view your affiliate link on the screen, you will also receive your affiliate link by email.

Sharing your affiliate link:
There are different ways you can share your affiliate link. Your link can be shared in blog posts, in the info box of your YouTube videos, through your Twitter account, e-mail signature, Facebook account, etc.
It is important to understand the structure of your link and how you can manipulate it to direct clients to specific products. To direct clients to the home page of the Nominal accounting website, just copy and paste your link AS IS

(This link is not valid and is used for illustration only)
If you want to direct clients to other pages, you should first copy the referral link and then change the page parameter. For example, if you want to direct clients to the pricing page, you would:

Note that you need to verify that your link contains your affiliate id.

These are the available options for the page parameter:





Sharing affiliate banners:
Customized banners: If you prefer, you can design your own banners, add them to your blog or site, and manually link them to your affiliate link. This option gives you the opportunity to create banners that will match the unique style of your blog or site.

Receiving your payment:
The preferred method of payment is by PayPal. When you sign up to join the Affiliate Program, you will be asked to provide your PayPal account information. Your commission will be sent to you every first of the month using this system.

No Paypal account? No problem!
If you are unable to open a PayPal account, you may choose to receive your commission using electronic funds transfer (Australia only). In this case, you need to send us your bank details before we can make your first commission payment. If you prefer to receive your commissions in this manner, please contact

Contact us!
We are here to help and we want you to succeed. If you have any questions regarding the information provided above, please contact us at Your feedback is important to us.

Ready to get started? Welcome to the Nominal Accounting team.

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