Nominal Accounting

Customer Statement

The Customer Statement button in the Analyze group of the Sales tab enables you to create a report listing unpaid invoices for any customer.  The report can then be emailed to a customer or printed.
To create a customer statement,
1.     Click the Customer Statement button.  The Customer Statement screen, and associated tutorial, opens.
2.     Click Dismiss to close the tutorial.
3.     Select the desired customer by checking the box for the appropriate customer in the Selected column.  In our example, I’ve checked Lemondrop Sweet Shop.
4.     Click Print to print the statement.
Click PDF to create a PDF of the statement.
Click Email to email the statement.
Click Word to create a Word version of the statement.
In our example, I clicked PDF.  The statement is rendered to PDF and looks like this:

Authored with help of DrExplain