Nominal Accounting

Importing Bank Transactions

Click the Import Bank Transactions button to import a Quicken file downloaded from your bank to reconcile the bank transactions with those recorded by Nominal.
To import bank transactions from your institution,
1.     Click the Import Bank Transactions button.  The Import Bank Statement screen opens.
2.     Click the Load button to browse to and import a Quicken (QIF) file saved to your computer or network.  The QIF file uploads to the software.
Once you’ve imported the QIF from your bank, you can begin reconciling your bank information with the information stored in Nominal.
Click the Match button to load a list of transactions in the left side of the table (from the QIF) and tries to match each transaction in the left side of the table with an account transaction (Nominal) on the right side of the table.
Matches are made if:
·     Amount and Date are the same in both lists.
Possible matches are made if:
·     The Amount and Date are within 7 days in both sides of the table.
Items can be matched by dragging them from the right side of the list to the left side of the list.
Applies the changes to the matched transactions.
Closes the current window.
Clears the matching for the selected transaction.
Ignores the selected transaction.
Ignore All
Ignores all unmatched transactions.
Enter Registry
Creates a registry item for the selected bank transaction.
EFT Batch Payments
Use the EFT Batch Payments button to launch a wizard that processes your payments through an ABA file.  You can also generate a file containing all EFT transactions and execute them with your bank.  Use the EFT Batch Payments button to generate an ABA file for the selected transactions.

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