Nominal Accounting


Nominal Accounting Software
Nominal Accounting Software is easy-to-use yet fully featured.  It is the first accounting software to support Standard Business Reporting (SBR).
Nominal Accounting Software has all the usual accounting features plus additional features that even more expensive softwares don’t have including:
·     BAS submission and TFN declaration using SBR
·     Payroll Management
·     Keyword Search
·     Inventory and Stock Management
·     Quote Creation
·     Customised Forms and Invoices
·     Portable Company File
·     Many Additional Features.
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Some of Nominal Accounting Software’s features include:
·     Standard Business Reporting (SBR) using the new Australian Government interface for submission of quarterly BAS forms
·     Simple User Interface enabling faster performance of routine tasks
·     Quick Learning Ladder
·     Windows 7 Themes using a Microsoft Office Ribbon interface
·     Payroll function for managing employee salaries and payments
·     Basic inventory for buying and selling items
·     Bank Statement Import and Synchronisation.

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