Nominal Accounting


Click the Time Sheets button to enter timesheet information for employees providing work for clients.
To create a timesheet choose the appropriate employee from the Employee dropdown.  Choose the appropriate dates in the Time Sheet for fields.
Create a line item for each task performed by the employee.  Each column contains different information about the task.
·     Service/Rate
    Choose the desired Service/Rate from the dropdown menu, or use Quick Add to add a service or rate that is not in the list.
·     Customer
    Choose the desired customer from the dropdown menu, or use Quick Add to add a new customer not in the list.
·     Task
    Type the task in the task cell.  This is a description that will be provided on the invoice.
·     Days
    Type the hours worked for each day of the week.  The hours are totalled in the Total field.
·     Invoice
    Click Invoice to create a new invoice based on the information entered in the time sheet.
·     Apply
    Click Apply to total the hours in the timesheet.
·     Close
    Click Close to close the timesheet without saving.
·     Copy Last
    Click Copy Last to copy the last entry in the timesheet to a new row.
·     Delete
    Click Delete to delete the timesheet.
Bill Time
Once time has been entered for an employee or multiple employees, an invoice can be created to bill a client for time worked.
To create an invoice for a customer, choose the desired customer from the Customer dropdown.  Check the desired timesheets using the checkbox in the Selected column.  Click Invoices.  An invoice is created.

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