Nominal Accounting


The Reference section contains details about emailing and printing fields, keyboard shortcuts and other detailed information.
Email and Print
Nominal uses Microsoft Office automation for printing and emailing invoices, purchase orders, quotes and pay slips.
Nominal uses Microsoft Word templates (.dot and .dotx) to create versatile templates for your records.  Customising the built-in templates is as easy as working in a Word document.  You can add your company logo, header, comments or any other text or graphics.
To customise a template, copy the template you would like to modify from the Nominal software folder, edit as desired and save back to the Nominal software folder.  Simple as that!
In Nominal, each record contains different fields.  For example, a pay slip contains the salary and tax fields while a quote contains sales items.
See the following sections for a list of fields available for each type of record.

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