Nominal Accounting

Creating a New Company Data File

The first step in using Nominal is creating a Company Data File (CDF).
To create a new CDF,
1.     Click the New Company File button.
The Company Wizard Step 2 screen opens.
2.     Enter as much information as possible in the fields on the screen.
NOTE:  This screen can be returned to and modified at a later time.
Company Name
Type the name of your company.
ATO Category
Choose the appropriate ATO Category from the dropdown field.
Type your company’s ABN/ACN in this field.
Address Line 1
Type your company’s street address or PO Box.
Address Line 2
Type your company’s Address Line 2. (Optional)
Type your company’s town or suburb.
Type your company’s state.
Type your company’s country.
Post Code
Type your company’s post code.
Type your company’s phone number.
Type your company’s fax number.
Email Address
Type your accounting department’s email address.
Website Address
Type your company’s website address.
Back button
Click the Back button to return to the Company Wizard Step 1 screen.
Voice Guide Controls
Click the Stop, Play, Pause, Close (Current Guide), and Close (All Guides) buttons to control the accompanying voice guide.
Click the Next button once you’ve filled out the fields satisfactorily.
NOTE:  This information will be used in customer invoices so ensure that the information is accurate.
Once completed, the Step 2 form should look similar to this:
3.     Click Next once you’ve entered the appropriate information.  The Predefined Accounts (Company Wizard Step 3) screen opens.
Click the plus sign next to Root Account to see the default account files folder structure.  This is generally referred to as the Chart of Accounts.  The default account files folder structure looks like this:
The default folder structure organises your data into Assets, Expenses, Income and Liabilities among other things.
4.     Click the plus sign next to each item to see the sub-items.
It is recommended to leave the folder structure in its default format until you are more familiar with the software.  Once you have become comfortable with Nominal, you can return to the Chart of Accounts and modify the structure to suit your needs.  To do this, click Manage, then Accounts.
5.     Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the folder structure, click Next to proceed to Step 4, Registration.  Step 4 looks like this:
6.     This screen is automatically populated with information from Step 2.  Verify that the information is correct.
7.     Choose the appropriate option from the How did you hear of us? dropdown field.
8.     Click Continue.
After you click Continue, the Save As screen opens, prompting you to save your company files.
9.     Type a name for your company in the File name field.
10.     Click Save.
The software saves your company data file and launches Nominal.

Authored with help of DrExplain