Nominal Accounting
The Tools tab provides access to several preferences and software-related functions.  The table below lists the commands available on the Tools tab and the associated descriptions.  Commands are listed by group, from left to right.
Click the Change button to access Preferences and change various settings within the software.
Click the Activate Paid License button to validate your payment and activate your software license.  Please make sure to enter the same email addressed used when making the purchase.
Click the Extend Trial button to extend your trial period by one month.  Enter the appropriate details to extend your license.
Click Buy Now to purchase Nominal Accounting Software.  Click this button to be taken to your PayPal account to purchase the software.
Click the Check For Updates button to verify that the latest version of the software is installed.  If it is not installed, the newest version can be downloaded.
Click the Win/Donate $200 button to fill out a survey about the software. 

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