Nominal Accounting


Portlets are user interface components displayed in a web portal (dashboard).  Portlets are similar to widgets or small apps.
Click the Add button to add a portlet to your dashboard.  Portlet choices include:
·     Debtor Days
·     Debtor Days Over Time
·     Buying Customers
·     Buying Customers Over Time
·     Average Sale
·     Average Sale Over Time
·     Top Creditors
·     Average Sale per Customer
·     Average Sale per Customer Over Time
·     Creditor Days
·     Creditor Days Over Time
·     Sales Count
·     Sales Count Over Time
·     Top Debtors
·     Gross Profit
·     Gross Profit Over Time
·     Cash Flow
·     Customer Sales and Location
·     Profit per Product
·     Twitter Mentions
·     Twitter Followers
·     Twitter Followers over Time
·     Facebook Feed
·     Google Vistis
·     Google Goals
·     Google Ad Impressions
·     Google Ad Clicks

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