Ah-ah I found a user interface design flaw with iPhone contacts app!

Perhaps it's just me but lately I feel like I keep hearing Apple is great, iPhone is simple, iPad is ground-breaking, iPod is mind blowing all day long.

We get it - Apple develops and designs amazing products, they focus on simplicity, they produce integrated products, they solve real people's problems. It's all good.

Not sure what it says about me but it gave me a strange sense of satisfaction to notice that have really did a bad job with contact search in the iPhone built in contact application.

I would probably not notice it until I actually tried to use it a few times lately and kept getting the wrong end results.

Have a look at the screen below:



Can you find that little button? This is what your're supposed to click when you want to search for a contact?

According to Apple's own user interface guidelines the most common tasks should be more prominent then least used ones, they also stress AGAINA and AGAIN that buttons should not be smaller than 48 pixels to be used by human fingers.

So this little button is actually IMPOSSIBLE to press, it is obvious that searching a contact is a MUCH more common function than ADDING a new contact.

It is also obvious that this little button is nowhere near big enough, I continuously click the Add button when I want to click the search BUTTON.

I call Apple designers to review their own guidelines and re-think this user interface - add a big fat button for search ASAP!

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