New iPhone App and Shoeboxed integration

Nominal iPhone App

 Our accounting software is a desktop based windows application - which is fine for most businesses, but it does not mean you have to be tied to your desk any more.

We recevied quite a few requests to allow mobile invoicing and expenses - and we delivered - Nominal iPhone App is now available on the Apple Store - for Free!

The Nominal App allows you to view, create and update invoices, purchases, spend money, receive money, manage contacts, view accounts & email invoices. All from the comfort of your iPhone multitouch screen.

The Nominal App is a native iPhone application, together with cool features such as pull to refresh and contacts integration.
The Nominal App updates a "cloud copy" of you Desktop accounting file and is synchronised to your Nominal desktop (main) application with a click of a button.
We hope you will love this new feature and provide some feedback (and RATE!)

Nominal and Shoeboxed R tight

The 2nd new innovation we introduced lately is (tight) Shoeboxed integration. If you don't know Shoeboxed is a service that allows you to send, store, scan and keep documents (such as receipts, invoices etc) online.( Not only does Shoesbox allows you to simply throw away you paper copies they will actually read the content of the document and have it reviewed by humans. (go human power)

So let's look at a real life scenario. (mine)
1) I received a receipt at the Gas station.
2) Put it on the sit next to me a scanned it using Shoeboxed on the iPhone
3) I threw the receipt to the bin. (actually my passenger sit leg room is the bin)
4) Shoeboxed system scans the image, reads the details (and categorise it) and saves it (in case the ATO come knocking)
5) Within Nominal I synchronise with my Shoeboxed account. Which download the new record and creates a Spend money transaction. (Including GST)
6) The data is available in my Profit & loss, balance sheet and trial balance reports.
7) When I open the Spend money transaction I click and view the original image stored on the shoeboxed server. (in case I really missed it for some strange reason)

I think this is one kick ass solution, give it a try! you can get a Free trial for Shoeboxed including 5 documents per month. You can even create the account within Nominal itself.

A couple more things we added lately are integration to MYOB Accountant Office to make it easier to work with your Accoutant AND the option to import QuickBooks IIF files which includes ALL you accounts, contacts, items and other lists in one single file. (to make it easier to switch FROM QuickBooks)

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