Positioning - What's good for Avis...

must be good enough for me :-)

I'm going th

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Which logo means 'this is one kick ass accounting software' :-)

I don't like our current logo so much, not sure why, it just doesn't mean anything to me.

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Eureka! Micro business management software!

I've been struggling with finding our unique selling proposition and although I know that our product is better than the competition, I also know it doesn't mean a thing as long as it doesn't own a position.

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Google ads - DIY or managed account?

Continuing the thread about advertising I was wondering if anyone can provide details on the benefits of 'outsourcing' your Google ads management.

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How to increase website trust?

I've been doing a lot of usability testing and feedback lately - I love feedback good or bad (knock wood)...

One of the tools I used provided me with a LOT of feedback, which helped me find a lot of problems - which I'm working to resolve.

I've asked the question whether the site is trustworthy, which mostly the answer was yes. But a few people repeated two things:

1) The comparison table shows that our product has many more features than the competition for a much lower price - "too good to be true" was mentioned a few times.
What can we do? rais

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Please help with a new tagline.

Hi Guys,

I was really hoping I can get some help with choosing a new tagline.

You guys have been so great with helping us figure out our new logo, so I thought it will only appropriate to open it up for your vote again.

I've received a few ideas, which revolve around our core message and USP, including 'micro business management software'

I've created a little test/counter on our blog here for this purpose, just click the one you like best!

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Advertising competition!

This forum has been great with me during the last couple of years and it is kind of a community within the community.

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What's the benefits of using a Marketing Consultant?

I was hoping there a few marketing professional and others around who can help me clarify the value in hiring someone to assist with our marketing strategy.

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Let's see if you can guess what works?

I do a lot of testing and I thought it will be nice to share some of the results of what works better on our site with you.

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Leap of faith assumptions and Xero growth

One of the more interesting books I read lately is the lean startup by Eric Ries. I will probably not do it any good by trying to summarise it for you. But let me try to explain what I have found most interesting and relevant.

Eric discusses leap of faith assumptions, the kind you make about what consumers really want or what problem you think you are solving. Two kinds of assumptions include the value hypothesis and the growth hypothesis.

  • The value hypothesis tests whether a product or service really delivers value to customers once they are using it.
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