Nominal Accounting

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable button located in the Analyze group of the Sales tab provides reports detailing the statuses of all unpaid invoices.
To view an Accounts Receivable report,
1.     Click the Accounts Receivable button.
The Accounts Receivable report opens showing all accounts with monies due.
The summary table displays each customer in a row, with payment period data (debts <30, <60 <90, and 90+ days old) organised by column.
Click in a cell to see details displayed below.  For example, I click the cell containing $178.40, and the following information displays:
Notice that the Accounts Receivables by customer section of the screen notes the invoices included in the Accounts Receivables summary displayed above.  I can see that two invoices are currently open for the customer and the associated information.
The Debt Collection slider is colour coded and provides a visual representation of the debt collection status for each selected item.  The Debt Collection slider is based on the amount of monies owed compared to the monies paid and the length of time the debt has been outstanding.

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