Nominal Accounting


The Bank tab includes features used to work with your money.  The table below lists the commands available on the Bank tab and the associated descriptions.  Commands are listed by group, from left to right.
Click Spend Money to spend money from one of your bank accounts.  The Spend Money screen opens and a tutorial launches.  This is for spending not related to purchases.
Click Receive Money to receive money into a bank account from selected accounts.  The Receive Money screen opens and a tutorial launches.
Click Transfer Money to transfer money between your accounts.  The Transfer Funds screen opens and a tutorial launches.
Click View Register to view a list of your deposits and withdrawals by bank account.  Choose the desired account from the dropdown list to see the transactions for that account.
Click Import Bank Transactions to launch a wizard to download a Quicken file from your bank to reconcile with your account transactions.  The Import Bank Statement screen opens and a tutorial launches.
Click EFT Batch Payments to launch a wizard to process your payments through an ABA file. 
Spending Money
Click the Spend Money button to record money spent from a bank account towards an expense account.  This is for purchases not related to purchase orders.  Spend Money is used for money that has not been recorded through the purchase process.  This is common with items including parking, petrol, travel office supplies and other miscellaneous purchases.

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